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Renato Pacheco July 29, 2008 13:06

Video of simulation on fluent
Hi. As I see, fluent does not work well on solve/animate/define. in some cases it simply does not work and when it works its difficult to make an mpeg video from this data.

so what I do is to save de .dat files and export a hardcopy of a jpeg file and use another program to make the video.

is there a way to export all harcopies from all .dat files in only one touch??? i mean.. would it have something like a macro for it?

CDE July 29, 2008 19:20

Re: Video of simulation on fluent
you can use a journal file to do this. You need to figure out the text command for exporting the hardcopy. Just test it by typing in the console.

JB July 31, 2008 07:37

Re: Video of simulation on fluent
the animation thing works fine for me (Win XP). So does the MPEG export thingie...

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