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jack July 30, 2008 09:12

DPM concentration
Hello, I am injecting particles (density 1500kg/m3 and diameter 0.1mm) into a geometry which looks like an inverse U.

I can plot the comcentration of particle in the outlet. And i get most of the concentration close to wall. But I dont think It should be that strong contrast.

What I want is actually to find out where those particles end up and I am wondering if concentration in my case doesnt give a wrong idea because if I am injecting the same type of particle, my control volumes are not the same and especially close to my wall (having boundary layer). So stop me if I am wrong but if I have one particule close to the wall into a control volume of V and another same particule in the middle of my geometry into a CV= 2*V, then my concentration, being mass particule/CV, should be twice more close to wall. Isnt it?

If it is the case , what is the best way to determine what is the position of my particles in the outlet of my model? Thanks in advance

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