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Fabian July 31, 2008 04:31

UDF: coupling between measurements and actuation
Hi folks,

I have a question regarding UDFs in Fluent. I want to measure a pressure within a UDF, afterwards inject according this the measured pressure an amount of fuel. Is this principally possible and which macros should I use? For injecting fuel, I guess DEFINE_SOURCE is an promising option. What I have tried: Within the DEFINE_EXECUTE_AT_END the pressure is calculated and afterwards a value for injection is calculated using this pressure. This amount of mass is then injected using the DEFINE_SOURCE. The UDF compiles fine but I am getting the following error message during simulation: "/FLUENT/Fluent.Inc/fluent6.3.26/lnamd64/3d_host/fluent.6.3.26[0xd55e51] /lib64/[0x365440de60] libudf/lnamd64/3d_host/[0x2aaaabb3dffa]" I have no idea what causes this error.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Fabian

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