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sheriff August 1, 2008 08:20

POLYFLOW-Lid-driven cavity flow-Computation Fails
Hi everyone, I am trying to solve lid-driven cavity flow for a range of reynolds numbers from 500 to 7000 using Polyflow. The flow is newtonian and isothermal and the cavity is an arc-shaped one with the ratio of the arc angle to 2pi being equal to 1/2 (there exist other geometries with different aspect ratios such as 2/3, 1/4 etc.).Only the upper wall has a translational velocity the other wall is stationary. I meshed that simple geometry with Gambit but somehow I am unable to get result with Polyflow. I tried to solve it by the evolution of the viscosity parameter, and I also tired to use "Picard iteration" as interpolation method, but still the computation fails. when I solve the same problem with Fluent, I get some results but this time the streamlines do not match the previously calculated data present in the literature.

Can anyone give me some advice on my problem?


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