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Carlos August 1, 2008 09:37

Divergence problem - NOT the mesh

I am running my 60th vehicle aerodynamics simulation now on my 6oth different mesh but there are major problems. The solution is converging ok for 35 iterations and then it blows up with divergence detected in the solver.

My mesh is of high quality so this is not the problem. I cannot see how lowering the URF's will help, any ideas what might be causing this?

I REALLY don't wanna re-mesh to find the same problem again. Any help would be much appreciated.



convergence August 2, 2008 09:38

Re: Divergence problem - NOT the mesh
are you writing solution just before the solution diverges. since you know that the set up blows at some step, just befopre it stop the solution, look at gradients and refine the mesh in regions of higher gradients and go forward. And please note down the place where there is high gradients, next time keep refined mesh there. it would work.

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