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Fabio August 2, 2008 03:18

About Turbulent Viscosity Ratio Limit...
Hi all, i have raised this limit in my case from 1e+5 to 1e+6 due to the problem reported during iteration about the turbulent viscosity limited by the viscosity ratio in some cells. But one question raise in my head, how this change would affect my results? I know that i should also adapt the grid, but i got memory limit so i can't go further with refinement.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Fabio August 7, 2008 15:40

Re: About Turbulent Viscosity Ratio Limit...
After a more carefull reading of many posts on the argument, i think that the raise of the viscosity limit ratio brings to me a too diffusive solution even residuals and fluxes reports are ok. The strange thing is that i get the warning for meshes above 1e+6 cells. So the thing should be connected with a too fine mesh for the uniform turbulence boundary condition that i set Turbulence Intensity 4.2% and Lenght 0.0039 from my infput data? I don't think is the skewness because it good from examination in Gambit.

Thank for any answer.

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