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Ianto August 6, 2008 03:30

Fluent: XY plot from file
Dear All,

I'm trying to plot XY data in a plain text file I've created using the format in the Fluent manual as a template. I didn't use cortex variables as I don't know what they are, and the manual says they're not necessary.

The file reads in OK, with titles etc apearing in the XY plot window as expected, but when I "Plot" I get "cx-xy-plot-files: No data points in range.". I've tried various axis types and precision but none change the error. I don't know what range Fluent is expecting as I haven't specified any as far as I'm aware.

Maybe it needs to be a .dat file? I have programmers notepad but there is no option to save as .dat. Can anyone suggest anything?

Many thanks,


max August 6, 2008 09:54

Re: Fluent: XY plot from file
Hello Ianto

do you have "position on x-axis" in the option field of the solution xy plot window toggled on? If so, FLUENT will have trouble to interprete the values in your file as entries for your axis of abscissae.

cheers max

Ianto August 6, 2008 13:33

Re: Fluent: XY plot from file
Hi Max,

Thanks for the reply.

That option isn't on the "plot from file" window, I have used it before though when plotting Fluent results - no problem.

I'm trying to plot experimental XY data from an external file to compare with my Fluent simulation - should be very simple, by;

save the data in .dat file format,

go to menu

plot > file > (add the file) > plot

and the plot should be created with whatever values, and labels etc you specified in the .dat file.

I've gone right back to basics and copy and pasted the sample file given in the Fluent 6.2 manual (there are two, the one immediately before 29.8.6).

Even following the manual instructions step by step with the sample file, I get the error mentioned above. Any suggestions would be appreciated!



Ianto August 6, 2008 13:39

Re: Fluent: XY plot from file
P.S. I just tried with the other sample file from the manual, this does have the cortex variables, still same error "cx-xy-plot-files: No data points in range."


Rami August 7, 2008 02:59

Re: Fluent: XY plot from file
I do it the other way around - plot the results in FLUENT as XY plot, then write it as an ASCII file. These files may then be used together with any external files (e.g., your experimental data) in any package (I usually use EXCEL) to plot them together. Not too elegant, but works simply and flexibly.

Ianto August 7, 2008 05:53

Re: Fluent: XY plot from file
Hi Rami,

Thanks - yes I've done this previously, but have a large number of comparisons to make and hoped to save some time by plotting directly in Fluent.

I'll post back when/if I figure it out. It's probably something annoyingly simple!



Akhundzada91 August 27, 2013 11:08

Hello! I need to write the xy plot file in imperial units. I did the whole calculations by predefining the imperial units and getting the plots on screen in desired units but I have tried everything to get the data points in imperial units in the file but they are always being written in SI units. Kindly, can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!

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