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Meenu August 7, 2008 16:00

export data at nodes

I want to export T vs t data at all the nodes in my geometry so that I can make some further calculation in Excel and then plot a contour plot but I am not able to export data.

I read how to export Ascii data files using TUI but I am still unable to follow. Any help will be appreciated. Fluent help gives this

When exporting ASCII files, you have several options:

* Select the Location from which the values of scalar functions are to be taken. If you specify the data Location as Node, then the data values at the node points are exported. If you choose Cell Center, then the data values from the cell centers are exported. For boundary faces, it is the face center values that are exported when the Cell Center option is selected.

*Select the Delimiter separating the fields ( Comma or Space).

* Use the Solver/Execute Commands... menu option to export data at specified intervals during the calculation. See Section 4.12.18 for the complete details.

Click the Write... button to save the file, using the Select File dialog box. FLUENT will export a single ASCII file containing coordinates, optional loads, and specified scalar function data. figure FLUENT supports exporting polyhedral data to ASCII.

file/export/ascii file name list-of-surfaces () yes|no list-of-scalars q yes|no

zayzan December 30, 2011 02:24

Hi meenu, what was the details of the command. Please let me know


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