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raul August 18, 2008 19:08

Rotating cylinder
im doing a simulation using fluent 6.3.26 i need to have a rotating cylinder and a animation, i know how to make the animations but i cant get the cylinder to rotate, i have already tryed changing the boundary conditions of the cylinder but i still cant see the cylinder rotating in the animation, can anyone help. thanks

AJ August 19, 2008 13:57

Re: Rotating cylinder
Use rotating frame of reference for the cylinder using MRF or DMM. MRF is steady state analysis however DMM is unsteady state analysis. You will require interface to be created between rotating side and rono-rotating side in model. Please look at the blower model given in tutorials.

Hope this helps, AJ

raul August 19, 2008 16:03

Re: Rotating cylinder
thank you AJ, do you know where i can find the blower model tutorial

nina2007 February 1, 2015 06:48

Taylor Vortex in Taylor Couette flow- fluent

Im doing a simulation of flow betwwen two rotating cylinders using fluent 6.3.26 but I can not have the veortices at critical angular velocity of the transition to the TVF.

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