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newbie August 19, 2008 05:29

Gambit Unstructed (Tet) Mesh - size control
hello everyone, Whenever i use tet mesh i found it's very difficult to keep the size change under 2 though my equalangle skewness is well below 0.97. I also try the size function to control the growth (a growth rate 1.1 or 1.2) but the size change is still well over 5!!

I thought i read somewhere that the high size change for tet mesh is not uncommon but this high size change is making me uncomfortable. I would like to know what i can do to satisfy the criteria to keep a size change under 2 using tet mesh.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks very much!

dev.... August 21, 2008 05:20

Re: Gambit Unstructed (Tet) Mesh - size control

I think you must try again with size fuction for appropriate faces/ edged with appropriate element size.......if that is not working well, you can try with Non-confirmal mesh if you need.

all the best

newbie August 26, 2008 11:04

Re: Gambit Unstructed (Tet) Mesh - size control
thanks dev. I think the problem may be that i am not familiar with what size of mesh to use at the pipe intersection. The pipe diameter is 1/2m. I used interval size of 0.025 for tet mesh, without any size function, the worst element has a size change ratio of nearly 5.5, compared to 3.8 when interval size is increased to 0.4. However no matter how i tried, that magic number for size change below 2 never appeared!! Could you give some guidance? how to go about non-coformal mesh? Thanks so much!

newbie August 26, 2008 11:38

Re: Gambit Unstructed (Tet) Mesh - size control
oops..typo..should be 0.04 not 0.4. cheers,

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