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Ianto August 20, 2008 15:26

postprocessing - TauW in custom field functions
Dear All,

I'd like to output a plot of U+ (velocity normalised by friction velocity) against Y+ along a line extending vertically from a surface. I hoped to write a custom field function (cff) for this.

Firstly I wrote a cff for friction velocity;

Utau = SQRT(TauW/Roe)

Next a cff for U+

U+ = Ulocal/Utau

Of course when I plot U+ along a line, as soon as the line leaves the wall surface I get zero U+, because Wall shear TauW only has value adjacent to the wall.

Can anyone suggest a means of extracting the Wall shear value at a point for use as a constant in a cff?

I think the same result can be achieved by outputting TauW into a file and calculating U+ outside of fluent, but the aim should be to automate as much as posible and I hoped there was a facility within Fluent to enable this.

Thanks in anticipation.


renli05 September 29, 2011 11:59

hi,Ianto ,I'm now encountering the same problem as you. Have you worked out this problem? I want to define a corrected uplus in fluent with the Van Direst transformation.
here Int means integration.
I think it is hard to define such a quantity in custom field function.Maybe I should use UDF. But I am not familar with this. Can you give some sugguestions. Thank you in advance.

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