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ranga sudarsan September 1, 2008 09:17

Availability of previous time level values in UDF
Hi there, I am simulating unsteady 3-D flow with heat and mass transfer; treating air as an incompressible ideal gas mixture (02 + C02 + h20 + N2).

I would like to know whether the previous time level values " C_T_M1,...." are available for use inside the UDF. I do not solve for any UDS in my setup currently.

The reason for my confusion is the statement in the UDF manual:

"Note that data from C_T_M1 is available only if user-defined scalars are defined. It can also be used with adaptive time stepping"

So if I am solving for species transport without using UDS are C_T_M1 and the corresponding time level values available ?.

Would greatly appreciate if you could clear my doubt, that way i can structure my UDF accordingly.

Thanks Ranga Sudarsan

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