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Vivek Vasudevan September 1, 2008 23:48


I am interested in studying the dispersion of a pulse in a pipe. I have simulated laminar flow of water through the pipe. Now I want to setup a pulse of, say benzene, at the inlet to study the dispersion phenomena.

How do I go about this? I have tried using the "injection" feature to setup an injection of benzene as an "inert particle" from the inlet to track the pulse. Do I need to do anything else such as interactions between benzene "particles" and bulk water phase to get a more realistic representation? Or do I need to setup an unsteady state simulation to get conc of benzene vs time at the outlet? As of now, I simply count the number of "particles" of benzene that reach the outlet at specific times to get the residence time distribution.

Besides, does it matter when I setup the injection, i.e. before simulation or after simulation?

Please advise.

Thanks, Vivek

Vivek Vasudevan September 5, 2008 06:05

Re: Injections
Could someone kindly respond to my query?

Thanks, Vivek

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