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tamjid September 2, 2008 17:48

hypersonic flow simulation
hi fellows,

i cannot see the entropy contour of my solution. Following error is showing...........

Error: cellEntropy: Reference Pressure Value is set to zero in the Reference Values panel!!

i set pressure zero in the operating conditions.

which panel is the reference value panel.

please help.

Jason B September 3, 2008 11:54

Re: hypersonic flow simulation
Report->Reference Values

You should set these every time.

Good luck, Jason

rudy March 26, 2010 06:49

I am simulating hypersonic flow from nozzle with finehexa25_4 version.I have couple of problems with that.

In the beginning I ran my simulation with perfect gas with default value of conductivity of 0.1 which is quite high. My simlations are working with this value but as for now I am taking perfect air as a working fluid with Prandtle number specified instead of constant conductivity and now I have some stability problem even if I am using the same setting as before.Can anyone tell me what's happening here...

Secondly I am using dual time stepping for time integration and multigrid is not working for me.Whenever I use multigrid technique the solution diverges.Can anyone tell me what can be the reason for that?...According too me multigrid should work irrespective of the flow speed so apparently there shouldn't be a problem with multigrid method while simulating hypersonic flow.

Can any one explain anything about above problems please?...
Thanks in advance,

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