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Jerry Tanner September 2, 2008 18:43

Gambit Meshing
Hello fellows,

I've got a surface mesh of a car.I mean only mesh itself without any geometry elements like points,curves and surfaces.

Can I use Gambit to extract or recover some geometry elements(points,curves,surfaces) from the existing surface mesh?

Can Gambit creat 3D mesh outside of the car utilizing the existing surface mesh?

Thank you for your time!


JAY September 3, 2008 03:39

Re: Gambit Meshing
Hi Jerry,

May I know in which format you have the mesh file?

Once you import mesh into Gambit, geometry will be automatically created using the mesh..

If mesh is good enough (captured all curvartures and fillets), it will capture the geometry well.

while importing, you can also change the future angle (Max.170-180) to capture the geometry well.I mean..if there is a big continuous surface, higher future angle will split into more surfaces and captured correctly.

Then, you can create 3D mesh outside the car using the existing mesh. please create the outer fluid domain and stitch volume using the surface mesh face...then mesh the external fluid domain.

If you have any more clarifications, please feel free to contact me at

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