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Knut September 3, 2008 10:52

FLUENT bug in cartesian-cylind velocity conversion

in my calculations, Fluent does not seem the to get the conversion between cartesian velocity components Vx, Vy, Vz and cylindrical velocity components Radial-Velocity, Tangential-Velocity, Axial-Velocity right. I am wondering if this is a SERIOUS bug. I am simulating a turbine stage with a mixing plane in FLUENT6.3. When I produce a contour plot of Vx on an axial plane and I show 2 periodic repeats, Vx is not continuous at the periodic boundary between the 2 repeats, it has a step. If I plot the Axial-Velocity instead the step does not occur. Funny thing is Axial-Velocity and Vx must be identical by definition. Anyone has seen this before?

Problem is that Fluent *.dat file contains only cartesian velocities. If I want to load into another software for post processing I will not be able to get the right solution.


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