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waalik September 4, 2008 06:19

meshing a hollow box
Hello I am very new here and want to know how can I mesh a hollow box in gambit as I am getting the message the volumes contains a void so it cannot be meshed. Thanks in advance for reply

jay September 4, 2008 06:56

Re: meshing a hollow box
Hi Waalik..

I think that the volume is not closed with the default tolerance limits.

please check if there are some small holes or voids...and try to merge it or close and mesh it..

hope it will work. Note:check the voids in shaded mode..and you can show the holes from the gambit command menu itself.

please feel free to ask me if u have any more clarifications

waalik September 4, 2008 10:01

Re: meshing a hollow box
Hi Jay Thanks for your response. I have got a Big void in my model, for example if you have a cubic closed room, my understanding in that case is that I will need to make all 6 walls of this room and there will be a void in the inside area, so how can that be meshed? Maybe I am used to using other softwares and as now switching to gambit, the concepts of meshing are bit different here. thanks again and waiting for ur reply


Daniel Tanner September 4, 2008 23:10

Re: meshing a hollow box
Not sure...

Did you create the geometry from scratch in gambit? How? If you created the box by creating faces you need to create a volume by using the buttons "geometry->volume->stitch-faces" something like that.


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