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Sam September 5, 2008 02:08

Tgrid wrapper surface
Tgrid works really well, far better than Gambit or Icem. However, does anyone know if the wrapper surface can be made out of quad elements eventually leading to a fully hex mesh rather than a hexcore bounded by tets? Thanks,


red lemon September 5, 2008 16:12

Re: Tgrid wrapper surface
not in tgrid it cant but you could use ICEM's BFCart to generate a body fitted cut cell hex grid.

Sam September 5, 2008 16:46

Re: Tgrid wrapper surface
Thanks for the info, and saving me some time.

Do u know if this mesh in Icem can be imported into tgrid?

red lemon September 5, 2008 17:27

Re: Tgrid wrapper surface
I would assume not. tgrid cannot even read hanging node grids like hexcore or converted (tpoly'd) polyhedral grids. the wrapper is really for complex geometry where it is easier to have an automated approach to meshing rather than spending man time on face meshing so these models would be more suited to unstructured meshes. The best workaround to retain hex though is to use hexcore (Gambit and TGrid), hexacore (ICEM) or BFCart in ICEM. For proper structured grids you need to decompose and use something like Gambit or ICEM Hexa but you wouldnt be using the wrapper for this.

Sam September 8, 2008 01:58

Re: Tgrid wrapper surface
thank you for the info!

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