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MK September 5, 2008 12:00

This is so urgent!!!!!!!!!
Dear evereybody I am simulating a transient flow through a simple pipe. Inlet pressure changes with time.

For primary steady-state solution, the boundary conditions are: 1. pressure inlet equal to 5000 pascal 2. pressure outlet equal to 1000 pascal 3. rigid wall

The results are so meaningless, for example average velocity is between 50 to 100 m/sec. Could you please help me? Should I change the boundary conditions?

jay September 5, 2008 13:46

Re: This is so urgent!!!!!!!!!

is it compressible or incompressible?

please make sure that the 5000 pa corresponds to static + dynamic pressure...if it is incompressible..

and total or stagnation gauge pressure if it is compressible...

or...decrease the residuals from default to 1e-5 or some thing ...and allow it till it any flow parameter such as velocity stabilizes...

Regards, Jay

red lemon September 5, 2008 16:06

Re: This is so urgent!!!!!!!!!
check grid scaling

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