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tamjid September 6, 2008 14:39

INTEL Core 2 Duo parallalizaton
hi fellows,

how can i make fluent run parallal on both cors of the core 2 duo processor.

please , help.

BastiL September 6, 2008 16:35

Re: INTEL Core 2 Duo parallalizaton
use "fluent 3d -t2" command or startup manager.

tamjid September 8, 2008 10:44

Re: INTEL Core 2 Duo parallalizaton
hi there, now can you help me about parallization between two computers. whenever giving the following command the fluent is being divided into three parts rather going in one for each of two core & another processor in onother computer.

fluent 2ddp -t2 - p interconnect= hosts.txt- path \\AERO-PC\Fluent.Inc

the host computer is AERO-PC (core 2 duo) & the other computer is ASTRO-U2(PENTIUM-3).

hosts file has---- AERO-PC AERO-PC ASTRO-U2

i am using local direct LAN connection between this two computers.

i saved host file in different places in the directory.

help please.

if you any more details please ask.

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