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MK September 7, 2008 02:01

ST_Malloc: out of memory.
Dear Everybody

I am solving an unsteady-state problem via Fluent. There is an error:

Warning: ST_Malloc: out of memory.malloc_storage: unable to malloc Pressure Reconstruction, size 9627720, t 2, myid 1000000.

Another question is that may I take some animations after saving case and data files. If so how?

Also how can I plot flow variables (such as pressure) in time?


jay September 7, 2008 06:16

Re: ST_Malloc: out of memory.
Dear MK,

1.I think that number of elements are more than your computer can handle..there is a thumb rule that 1 GB RAM system can handle 1 million cells..please check your mesh file or system configuration

2.pressure monitor solve-monitor-surface monitor-(plot,print,write)-define-surface integral-Area weighted average-pressure

you can plot either with respect to flow time or iteration or time step.

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