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JP September 9, 2008 18:16

Help!!!: Direction / Normal of Boundary Layer
Hello All,

Using GAMBIT, I am trying to create a boundary layer attached to a face. Once I select the face, its normal vector points in the wrong direction. I keep trying Shift-Middle Click but it only switches between faces, or clears the selector (no face selected). It is really frustrating ... Any ideas, ... please?

Here is the geometry in detail: (1) create cylinder C1 (2) create smaller cylinder C2 entirely inside C1 (the walls of C2 do not touch the walls of C1) (3) subtract the volume of C2 out of C1: this creates 3 interior faces inside C1 (4) Click button Create Mesh --> Create Boundary Layer --> Faces (5) Select an interior face. Its normal ALWAYS points towards the smaller (subtracted) volume, and I want it to point towards the larger volume!!! Shift-Middle clicking doesn't switch the normal vector, and it is very frustrating. Actually, Shift-Middle clicking keeps switching between the interior faces inside C1.

This has got to work somehow. I have to be able to adjust the direction into which my boundary layer grows, right?

Your ideas are appreciated.

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