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dev.... September 10, 2008 09:55

Help !!!! about Convection Co-efficient...Urgent!!
Hi All,

I am doing Heat Transfer Analysis for flow over flat plate. Here conditions are WATER temp = 25 Deg Celcius, WATER Velocity = 10 m/s

GLASS(surface): Dia = 2 cm, Temp of surface = 60 deg Celcius. This is Forced convection case. Surface is vertical & flow is also vertically downward. From emperical relation i found VERY LARGE value heat transfer Convection coefficient(h) = 10000.

I think this value is not appropriate value. So can any body tell about certain appropriate co-relation for FORCED CONVECTION HEAT TRANSFER. bcos above calculated value is too high for water in this case.

any help would be appreciable. thanks alot

sureshkumar September 18, 2008 14:54

Re: Help !!!! about Convection Co-efficient...Urge
you can get information frm cornell university tutorials for fluent

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