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Raja September 16, 2008 07:30

Transient Conjugate Heat Transfer

I am doing a transient conjugate heat transfer to find the surface temperature across an insulated cylindrical duct. The properties of the insulation material are cp = 1046 j/kg.K, k= 0.08, density=850kg/m3. inlet temp = 913K

The transient temperature response for such a model is too slow and it actualy happens only after a time delay of 200 sec. I am curious to know whethere anyone has faced similar kind of situation.

I wud appreciate your help on this

jay September 17, 2008 13:53

Re: Transient Conjugate Heat Transfer
pls try with adaptive time step methodology....

Prasad September 30, 2008 01:59

Re: Transient Conjugate Heat Transfer
Further to what Jay has mentioned, about correctness of the result you have obtained, it doesn't seem wrong at all to find that it takes around 3 (or 3+) minutes for the temperature profile to develop fully across the insulation. You can very much conduct the experiment, if it is possible, to validate your result. Best luck.

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