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Usman September 19, 2008 13:55

making C type grids in gambit
hi, is it possilbe to make C type or O type grids in Gambit for turbine blades. many thanks,

doki September 20, 2008 08:31

Re: making C type grids in gambit
sure it is! just you want to define the vertex types (in mesh generation/face/set vertex type -the second from right, upper row of Icons I think-) as needed! you have better decompose the domain to 2 or 3 faces, and then generate the mesh for each face. note that each face has just 4 ends, and other vertexes should be defined as (side) or (corner) accordingly.

Usman September 20, 2008 08:54

Re: making C type grids in gambit
Hi, my turbine blade is 3D (constant cross section throughout the span). what type of mesh would be best suitable, unstructured or structured. can i send you the dbs fie. so that u can have a look. i m trying to do Cfd of a single stage gas (aachen) turbine. many thanks, any help would be much appreciated.

doki September 20, 2008 09:31

Re: making C type grids in gambit
I would be glad to, IF I canhave a chance to free some time ofcourse! well, if you are not modeling 3d effects, you can use a 2d model, which is more suitable. furthermore, generally in viscous fluids, you should use structured grid (though it is too difficult in some cases), But the question is somehow not proper, because either meshes can be used effectively in almost any type of problem (especially in 3d cases).

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