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Joe September 21, 2008 22:13

Fluent Read Error
I am running a 3D solver with a number of coupled grid interfaces.

I am having trouble with the grid interfaces. My simulation works fine, however once i try to read my case and data at a later point in time I recieve this error:

Error: CDR: invalid argument [1]: wrong type [not a pair] Error Object: #f

I have tried uncoupled interfaces, and even with very simple scenarios I am still recieving the same error. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

joh September 23, 2008 05:58

Re: Fluent Read Error
hi, i think your case did not save properly. happed to me eartlier as well.

Joe September 23, 2008 07:03

Re: Fluent Read Error
thanks for your reply, how do you make sure it saves properly??

i am writing the case and data after the simulation is finsihed? is there something else i should do?


joh September 23, 2008 07:43

Re: Fluent Read Error
no. what i used to (which created problem)if the case was taking too long to save i would cancel it and save it again and somehow somtimes it did not save properly (happened to me twice) which i did not notice at that time. but when i tried to open it later it gave a simiar message.

dont interrupt the cases and data one it is being saved. And once it says 'done' you are sure it has saved properly.

Joe September 23, 2008 21:16

Fluent Read Error: Grid Interface - Solution
okay thanks for your help.

To anyone else who is interested in a similar problem with grid interfaces. I think I have found a solution.

The problem was being cuased by my grid interfaces, they were on curved surfaces and had slightly different mesh densities. Once i tried to reload these interfaces after i had written the case - they were not matching up within a specific tolerance (i think) so Fluent was outputting an error and not readding the case properly.

The way I have solved this is by using TGrid - this way i dont even need interfaces in the first place.

I build each fluid zone and save it as a seperate mesh. then import each mesh into TGrid and it appends all the meshses together into one - thus there is no need for interfaces and FLUENT does not require the nodes to meet up. Hope this helps someone else as well!

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