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Jackie September 23, 2008 15:49

drag force output file on parallel computing
Hello all

I've solved my transient problem on cluster using fluent for some iterations. It gave the resonable result.

Then I stop process and set it writing drag force output file before continue running. (solve/monitor/force and set file name)

After that Fluent reported error like "sopenoutputfile: unable to open file for output" and it stop running the process itself.

I never experience this problem when running on single cpu. Anybody who know how to fix this problem please suggest me.

Thank very much you in advance.


negar January 9, 2012 19:37

I have the same problem. I run my file in fluent by using UNIX, and save velocity outputs. Then I transfer the case and data file to other computer. I try to run it again by reading case file and then by case and data and both times I face the error:
Error: sopenoutputfile: unable to open file for output
Error Object: "ux12-048.out"
I would be so thankful if one could help me.


shk12345 January 9, 2012 23:55

Hi friends
You can try it this way
First write case and data files in parallel.
Then open a serial fluent ,load that case and data files.
Then export them to your desired format.
I don't know why that problem is ha penning.


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