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JFeg September 24, 2008 04:52

DPM concentration of each fraction
Hello. How to dislay DPM concentration of each fraction ? In Fluent exists only concentration of all fractions together. Thanks for advice, JFeg.

Allan Walsh September 24, 2008 12:27

Re: DPM concentration of each fraction
What are your fractions? If, for example, you have volatiles and char, you can plot the concentrations of these species. Or, you can plot the DPM source terms of each of these components.

JFeg September 25, 2008 03:00

Re: DPM concentration of each fraction
Sorry, inaccuracy in translation.. I solve a DPM particles with vary diameter (1mm, 0.5mm, etc.). There are no valotaile or char fraction. Contours of "DPM Concentration" displays concentraion of all diametres of particles together. So, how to display DPM Concentration contours of certain diameter (for eample diameter 1mm OR 0.5mm..)? Thanks, JFeg.

Allan Walsh September 25, 2008 13:33

Re: DPM concentration of each fraction
A couple of options come to mind to do this. You could plot the particle trajectories and color them by particle diameter to see the effect of diameter on their fate.

Or, you could break your particles down into different injections. Each injection would have a certain diameter or diameter range. Once your fluid phase has been solved, run the DPM calculations for each diameter class and then plot out the DPM concentrations.

Probably lots of other ways to do this.

JFeg September 26, 2008 09:57

Re: DPM concentration of each fraction
Yes, this is a way.

But, what about UDF, is it possible to use ? If yes (I have no experience with UDF) can you remark what to looking for in UDF ? Thanks anyway. JFeg

Allan Walsh September 26, 2008 12:32

Re: DPM concentration of each fraction
It may be possible to do a UDF. You might want to look at some of the questions and comments on UDFs from users of this site. Based on my experience, you would want to budget about a week to set up your system to run UDFs and learn how they work. Then, probably another week to write and test your UDF.

So, it depends how you want to spend your time.

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