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Lottar September 24, 2008 05:41

Please HELP! near-wall model

i have a question about wall functions and near-wall models. both are approaches to modeling the near-wall region. but what i cannot understand is why one can be used for high Re while if low Re is considered only near-wall models can be used and they are required.

Would u mind to answer me this question...??

Thanks in advance!!

Saintest September 24, 2008 10:29

Re: Please HELP! near-wall model
different model for differet usage! I think each model has better performance for its own situation.

Lottar September 25, 2008 05:58

Re: Please HELP! near-wall model
Thanks! but i dont know if this is the best answer. i mean, i'm completely agree with u that each model has a range where it works better, but the wuestion is why wall function cannot be used with low Re and then it is required to use only near-wall models??

why is not defined correctly for low Re??

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