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cesco September 25, 2008 04:47

parallelization on linux
hello, once understood that on windows is not possible to parallelize fluent analysis on 2 or mmore cores of the same computer, do you know if it is possible on linux? which is the procedure? fluent -t3 & is still valid? please help me because my analysis are tooooo long. thank you.

Fabio Saltara September 27, 2008 12:18

Re: parallelization on linux
Hy cesco,

It is possible to parallelize a job in fluent. In the command prompt, type fluent -t. In the file menu, click the run option and choose the parallel option, setting the number of processes. For the communication option, leave the default, or choose "ethernet via sockets". Running a simulation for 3D unsteady flow around a cylinder with only 84000 cells, I managed to drop the time from 24s/time step with one core to 14s/time step with two cores in a core duo laptop.

Parallelizing in the old P4 hyperthreading is uselless. it works in the old Pentium D and AMD 64 X2, but the core duo and core 2 duo are much more efficient. I have not yet tested a core 2 quad.

In linux, simply type fluent in the prompt and go to the file/run menu. The option for communication through processes will be different according to the fluent version and hardware arquitecture, changing from the default option to the shared memory or ethernet via sockets options.

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