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Nicolás September 25, 2008 07:26

geometry optimization
hi all,

I would like to resolve the following:

I am trying to find the optimal radio of a pipe, whit the goal of achieving the best temperature distribution..I want to know if with Fluent is possible to perform a model in which Fluent itself find the optimal geometry.

best thank,


joao September 26, 2008 04:59

Re: geometry optimization
Hi Nicolás,

With Fluent, you can calculate the temperature distribution for a given pipe radius. It is not possible, using only Fluent, to find the best pipe radius.

Nicolás September 26, 2008 09:20

Re: geometry optimization
hi Joao, thanks for your answer.

Do you know if is possible to do it whit the UDF functions? may be, an algorithm can be connected with fluent.

but I would like to know, if Fluent allows to variate the geometry.

thanks very much,


joao September 26, 2008 09:53

Re: geometry optimization

I believe it is not possible to variate the geometry within fluent. That would require to remesh the domain each time the geometry varies.

If you goemetry is simple then perhaps you could implement an algorithm in a scripting language linking geometry creation-meshing-computation-analysis of results.

But you would need to link at least two different softwares: geometry creatin and meshing and Fluent.

Paolo Lampitella September 30, 2008 03:24

Re: geometry optimization
No, fluent doesn't have this capability. You have to write your own external code (in fortran or whatever you like) and the interface with fluent to let them communicate.

The best solution is:

1) Write your own optimization code (which kind is problem dependent; for your single variable problem there are a lot of)

2) One of the output of this code should be the journal to create your geometry file with gambit; that is, you have to modify this file during each optimization cycle based on the result of the previous optimization cycle

3) then, from your optimization code, launch fluent with another journal file, read the geometry created, perform your simulation and, maybe via udf, write a file, from fluent, in which there are the informations needed for your optimization (your objective function)

4) Still during the optimization, extract from this file the information needed and from this modify the gambit journal following your optimization code

5) Iterate until your objective function does not change anymore or some predefined number of iterations are performed.

But, maybe, it's better you go through a full course of optimization. After that you will know everithing you have to do to perform your task.

Nicolás September 30, 2008 18:06

Re: geometry optimization
Thanks Joao and Paolo Lampitella, I will follow the information you given me.

best regard,


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