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Stefano September 26, 2008 11:42

Error meshing a helicopter rotor with Gambit
Hello! I need help for a problem with Gambit. I am modelling a Helicopter rotor. I do it with solidworks and I put the rotor into a greater cylinder to simulate the fluid motion. I imported it in .igs on gambit, i did surface mesh and it's ok. When I try to mesh the volume between cylinder and rotor (obtained with boolean subtraction...), Gambit gives me the following errors: " Initialization failed ERROR: TG_Mesh domain failed with error code 1. ERROR: Tetrahedral meshing has failed for volume2. This is usually caused by problems in the face meshes. Check the skewnesses of your face meshes and make sur the face meshes sizes are not too large in areas of small gaps." I try to change mesh type and size, to smooth geometry and to clean up bad geometry also but I have the same result. Thank you for your help.

jay September 27, 2008 12:05

Re: Error meshing a helicopter rotor with Gambit

while subtracting, was not any problem?

i think geometry is not clean...i some merge faces operations...then try meshing..

and also, while importing, there may be some data loss..check in shaded mode that ur geo has any voids or not...

Stefano September 28, 2008 13:50

Re: Error meshing a helicopter rotor with Gambit
Thank u for your answer. While subtracting there was problems but I just merge and clean up my geometry with gambit tools. Instead there was no problem while importing .IGS file checking in shaded mode. But error meshing persist. Other ideas? I'm trying to mesh with others software like Ansa and Hypermesh but gambit is more simple and friendly to use. So I'd like to solve my problems with gambit.

v_h_memar June 9, 2010 08:31

hi Stefano ?
did you solve your problem ?
because I have a problem like your problem. If you solve it please contact me
best regards

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