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John S September 26, 2008 12:15

Pressure Boundary Conditions
I'm new to Fluent and have run into a problem with mass-specified pressure boundaries that I can't seem to resolve. Specifically it seems that for the case that I am running, Fluent will run fine for first 50 iterations or so. After that the pressure in my domain suddenly explodes, with a high of around 14.5 million psi and a low at an equal negative number (one half the domain will be the high, the other half will be the low). Has anybody encountered such a problem before or have any idea why it's doing what it's doing?

Thanks, John

Prasad September 30, 2008 01:01

Re: Pressure Boundary Conditions
For this, in CFD, the solution is said to be diverging. You may like to reduce under-relaxation factors. Don't forget to check the case for appropriateness of models you've selected in case you're using Fluent 6.3.

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