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vikas September 27, 2008 00:50

nitrogen dissolution
hi frns, am simulating Nitrogen (N2) dissolution in Steel ladle using FLUENT, where N2 is entering from bottom (one hole) of the ladle with known mass flow rate. The process is called N2 purging and is done for homogenous mixing of alloy and uniform distribution of temperature in the ladle. I am simulating with Eulerian two-fluid approach. The rate of N2 dissolution reaction presented by dC/dt= A*K*(Ceq^2-C^2)/V

where, C= concentration of nitrogen (wt-%), t time (s), A= surface area of bubble (m^2), V = volume (m^3), K= mass transfer coefficient of reaction (m^2/s ) , eq= equilibrium.

So my doubt is how to do this simulation with addition of this dissolution source? thkx in advance

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