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Krish September 29, 2008 17:59

detonation wave simulation
How to simulate detonation wave in a cylindrical duct? please give me some idea. I am new to fluent.

Actually, until now, i made geometry of the cylindrical duct, generated the mesh and checked it in fluent for its validity. the mesh is ok. The inlet condition is 1 bar, 288K and i am suposed to use fuel as Hydrogen and Oxygen. Does fluent has all these chemical reaction details within it? How should i use them?

my CJ temperature is found to be 3600K.

now i need to give the boundary condition, select the solver and test it. please guide me with suitable boundary condition and solvers. I dont see much information pertaining to detonation simulation in fluent.

should i simulate shock wave first and then go for chemistry? please explain how to simulate shock wave too. I tried with boundary condition of inlet=10 bar and exit=1 bar but the cylindrical duct did not show any shock wave propagation during transiet simulation.

please help. thanks in advance

Radu May 13, 2009 13:23

Pulse detonation
Hi Krish
Have you managed to find a solution for your problem yet? I also study the problem of hydrogen detonation in a closed-end cylinder. I have never thought to use Fluent... I now try to elaborate a code, in Fortran, using the method of characteristics, but is a LOT of work. Since I need a solution for the problem relatively quick, I'm thinking to use Fluent. I see that your post is rather old, and maybe you've already found a solution. Could you please contact me if you wish to exchange information about the topic? I would appreciate that. Thank you. Radu

vikram June 8, 2010 15:01

Hello Radu & Krish,

I am working on the same thing as well. Maybe we can collaborate our efforts in Fluent to make progress? Please get back to me.



ssixr August 4, 2010 13:04

to radu,
hi i am also working in pulse detonation engine area...trying to simulate detonation...can u help me?
thank you

stumpy August 6, 2010 17:19

An explicit (in time) solver is usually the code of choice for detonation. Have you looked at ANSYS AUTODYN?

ssixr August 7, 2010 01:50

thank u stumpy...i ll chk out autodyn and post my comments..thank u

ssixr October 14, 2010 02:32

hello stumpy
thanks for your help..for flame propagation transient model should be used.i have another doubt, how to fill a tank(2d model) with a any fluid/premixed mixture.? any help.?

mrwan December 28, 2015 12:03

pulse jet
i tried to simulate pulse combustion but i confuse about what the code can be used for the simulation

mrwan January 11, 2016 00:42

pulse combustion
my project is pulse combustion i want to ask anyone work on this area to help select program to simulate and suitable boundry condition

ssixr January 27, 2016 06:12

hi mrwan,

Can you explain your scenario little bit more or specific?


mrwan November 19, 2016 02:40

i used transient flow ,the BC, is mass flow inlet for air,mass of fuel and sin-wave pressure at outlet to oscillate the flow and solve it by pressure based simple
but not satisfy the results

ssixr December 3, 2016 10:25

Reduce time step...

mrwan December 11, 2016 01:51

Tnaks ssixr for reply
but i v new problem where the combustion stop after one time and ido not know
what the next conduct to coniue the pulse combustion?
Pls help

mrwan December 11, 2016 02:23

My modelinf
1 Attachment(s)
THIS my last modeling but can not continu the series of combustion

ssixr December 11, 2016 06:35

How is the combustion for first iteration? what are your initial conditions?

mrwan February 7, 2017 13:38

my initial
sorry for late
my initial cond is 0 atm pressure with ch4 mixture with air

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