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Mak September 30, 2008 08:20

turbo turbine meshing with gambit
Dear Forum, I am a new user to Gambit and Fluent. I would like to ask some tips on meshing for a turbo turbine. I have the whole turbine solidworks drawing including volute nozzles blades and all. I am currently meshing the volute part first. Am i correct? Which part should i start the meshing on...?

Mak September 30, 2008 21:44

Re: turbo turbine meshing with gambit
I am asking tat did I plan out my strategy correctly... I planned to mesh the volute first, and then the nozzles and the rotor before adding them to the volute mesh. Is this correct?

chandra manik October 2, 2008 02:46

Re: turbo turbine meshing with gambit
Mak, For me the Gambit is the creative tool where you can your imagination when deal with the meshing and the geometry itself. Type of meshing trully influence the calculation result in the FLuent but sometimes about 2-4% only, coarse meshing with the 0.97 will give bad result because the comparison of vlome with cad and the mesh calculation is bad.

From where you mesh and starting it, it is not a problem unless you face the meshing with the one face meshing is reference to generate another volume meshing. But for simplification, you can use same type of meshing, T-Grid meshing is the best way without thinking to much.

So to answer your question, first you have to identified your system, is the blade and the casing/shroud of your system is one geometry or separately?, if separate it means you will have two types of domain or more depend to the connection. The interface between to difference domain will be difine autonmatically by fluent as a Shell boundary where that could be exist some correlation there, let say the conduction properties or sliding interface.

So final conclussion of my experience in Gambit, that meshing in Gambit is the ARTS of CFD.

Mak October 2, 2008 06:31

Re: turbo turbine meshing with gambit
Thanks there Chandra. Meshing definitely is the art of CFD. Haha.

You mentioned that if the meshing of a face is a reference to generate another volume it would be important where I start meshing. If I mesh the volume of the turbo casing face and then import the meshing of the nozzles and the rotor blade, will the volume of the turbine casing considered to be dependent on the face meshing of the nozzles and the rotor blade?

Thanks again for your reply.

Regards, Mak

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