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Hendawi September 30, 2008 09:02

Scheme lprogramming language question

Does any one know where can i found some help about the scheme language in fluent? any scheme tutorial?

I have just to do this 2 test:

1. IF (file.dat OR file.dat.gz) EXIST,

* THEN instructions... (ex: rd file.dat)

* ELSE, nothing

2. IF solver_model is steady

* THEN instructions (ex : sol ite 1000)

* ELSE(i.e. model is unsteady) instrucions (ex: sol dti 1000)

Thanks in advance for any advice

Nasir Wade October 3, 2008 01:29

Re: Scheme lprogramming language question
From my own personal experience there is very limited documentation with respect to scheme programming when it comes to fluent. Most of the general scheme stuff is found in regualr scheme books or online. But there is 1 pdf file:

It is in German and the author is Mirko can put it in a translator to convert the text.

Hendawi October 3, 2008 03:15

Re: Scheme programming language question
Thank you Nasir for your answer. I tried to understand the document of Morko Javurek but I didn't understand it, I don't speak German and translation of this kind of document is not easy. I've also seen the thread of Jason:, where he speaks about an english version, but no one can find it!

That's why I posted my question out of the thred hoping someone helps me to translate the 2 commands above in Fluent scheme language.

Thanks again Mohamed

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