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kartik October 2, 2008 19:57

virtual volume in Fluent

I would like to know if fluent can handle virtual volume associated with real and virtual faces.

I have made a flowvolume for an airplane model. but the volume is virtual. Can i compute the flow over the model in fluent.

Thanking you regards Kartik

solver-issues October 2, 2008 22:30

Re: virtual volume in Fluent
when you export mesh to fluent, it does not know whether you created it from real or virtual. it would work fine.

doki October 3, 2008 08:06

Re: virtual volume in Fluent
yeah I think so too! if you can generate a mesh in the domain, so you can export it too!

kartik October 7, 2008 18:07

Re: virtual volume in Fluent
Thanks you for themessage. I am able to import the mesh file. the mesh file has 53 skew elements. and when i do the grid check in fluent, it says that it is perfectly allright. I gave the velocity inlet of 80 m/s sec. after 40 itterations. when i try to see the flow on the symmetry plane. it shows there is no velocity. gives the result of 0 velocity all over the flow.

I would be glad to recieve reply from u

doki October 8, 2008 03:03

Re: virtual volume in Fluent
that is rather a problem related to fluent. it is better the mesh not to have skewed elements.

Prasad October 10, 2008 07:11

Re: virtual volume in Fluent
I guess you are using symmetry plane. Please specify that BC accordingly.

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