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j.sureshkumar October 5, 2008 14:07

corant number help
my problem is forced convection in heat sinks...i use coupled solver ..while solving i change corant number for avoiding reverse flow and easy iteration ..any one explain about corant number and what should be the range of corant number and under relaxdation factor for solid...thanks in advance

Hossam October 6, 2008 10:35

Re: corant number help
the courant number controls the time step for the coupled solver. because the coupled solver performs a time marching solution even for steady solvers. as the implicit solver is more stable than the explicit, a larger courant number can be used in order to reach convergence faster. however, it is recommended that you begin the simulation with a small courant number (5 for example) and then increase it when the solution becomes stable. for the explicit solver on the other hand, a courant number of 1 or even smaller is recommended to ensure stability of the solution. that is, the implicit solver will generally reach convergence faster than the explicit because it is more stable and larger time steps (courant values) can be used.

j.sureshkumar October 7, 2008 15:10

Re: corant number help
thank you for your suggestions..for my forced convection on heatsink problem which is best one whether implicit or explicit... what is range of under relaxation factor for solid??????...thanks in advance

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