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Munni October 23, 2008 09:40

Pressure drop?
Hi folks:

I have a simple question: We have to design a component, and the customer said the pressure drop has to be 2kPa (for example). Now what he means, is it static pressure or total pressure? Because if the diameter of the inlet and outlet are same, then we will not see any static pressure drop. My question is, if some one say pressure drop is A amount, does he/she means static or total pressure drop? How does that work in industry environment?


AS October 23, 2008 11:13

Re: Pressure drop?
hi Munni , for your question about the pressure drop usually it referd to only (Pressure Drop)without mention to be dynamic or total ,As no work done on/by the system then there is no change in the static component ,for example let consider a pipe with length (L) as fluid (x) pass thru the pipe it will have a pressure drop (y) this pressure drop is mainly caused by friction caused by pipe surface roughness which will effect the Dynamic component of the fluid(V^2/2g) so i think you can mention this pressure drop as a (dynamic or total )but not static.


mAx October 24, 2008 00:36

Re: Pressure drop?
report/surfaces/Area Weighted Surface of Total Pressure pressure drop= total pres.(inlet) - total pres. (outlet)

Munni October 27, 2008 12:11

Re: Pressure drop?
Thanks you folks for your comments.

Rohini March 25, 2010 15:21

@ Max... would it work for multiple inlets & outlets too??

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