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Ramesh.K October 29, 2008 11:24

post processing using fluent data
Hi all,

I have done an unsteady simulation of flow over a suqare block, using RSM. I have stored the data files for different time steps. I need help regarding

1. I want to plot the variation of velocity at a point at all the time steps. 2. Is this possible in fluent if not can u please suggest a way either to export the data or the procedure to do this 3. since my calculation is done can we predict the drag force on the block using this existing data. or do we need to run the simulation again. 4. I can see vortex shedding phenomenon and want to calculate strohaul number varying with Reynolds number.

any sort of suggestions are welcome.

thanks in advance

jesse October 29, 2008 11:45

Re: post processing using fluent data
to 1):

surface/point(give a name) display/point(name)

to 3) report/force

to 4) i dont see how can you change your Reynolds number.

Ramesh.K October 29, 2008 11:51

Re: post processing using fluent data
Thanks for ur advice but what u said is valid for one set of data but I need to do it by reading all the data files at a time and plot the velocity at a particular point

Paolo Lampitella October 29, 2008 12:20

Re: post processing using fluent data
you had to write on a file what suggested by jesse, which means that you had to define the surface/point and then, before performing the simulation, go under solve/monitors/surface and select to write on a file the velocity at the point previously created. If your simulation is done you're done had to do this before starting your simulation.

But, if you still have all the data at the different times (as i understood) you can export the velocity at that point for each time step and then build by yourself the time variation

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