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Rachel October 30, 2008 02:46

Combustion Model
I am running a case in which the methane and air are introduced into a burner seperately. The result using eddy dissipation model looks good, however, the results using either finite rate/eddy dissipation or EDC are totally wrong. What's the matter with it?

Thanks a lot.

jesse November 1, 2008 13:43

Re: Combustion Model
difference between pre-mixed and non-premixed flame model?

Rachel November 2, 2008 13:14

Re: Combustion Model
Hi, Jesse Actually, the Non-premixed model available in FLUENT could give a sound results. I just wander why the finite-rate/eddy dissipation and EDC do not work?

Carl November 11, 2008 21:29

Re: Combustion Model
May I know more detailed about the case that you are simulating? I'm currently looking at EDC model as well. Maybe we can discuss about it.

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