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shubham mishra November 1, 2008 14:15

multiphase flow
i run a model for multiphase flow for that i choose vof scheme now for the two phase(liquid & air)air is a stationary i.e. the pipe through which the fluid enters the system is partially filled with liquid. for this i set the inlet boundary condition as velocity inlet. my problem is "i am not able to put the velocity of individual phases". is it possible to put the values for two phases separately????

aliss November 2, 2008 15:48

Re: multiphase flow
i am not sure what ypu mean exactly,but try to define three phase one for stationary air the other one for inlet with same material properties, if i can figure out your problem.

shubham mishra November 2, 2008 17:44

Re: multiphase flow
actually my model is a 3d one. it has two inlet through which water tangentially enters the cylinder(and has a conical bottom just like a centrifugal separator). the problem is pipe through which water enters the cylinder is not completely full with water, its a partially filled with that's why i choose the vof model to solve the problem with two phase air and water. for this air is a stationary phase and i want to put its inlet velocity as zero and some value for water but i am unable to do so in inlet boundary condition coz when i try to do this option to put velocity separately for two phases doesn't appears, only velocity of the mixture appear in the boundry condition. is their any way to enters the velocity of two different phases separately????

k.baker November 3, 2008 11:00

Re: multiphase flow
If you have a pipe flow try to draw two inlets in gambit one for air and other for water for the upper inlet (usually for air) set vof-water=0 and for the lower inlet set vof-water=1 and enter the velocities for the individual phases separately. I sent you email from the fourm check your mail.


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