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selvag November 5, 2008 05:41

Hello all,

Can someone explain what is the meaning of this function


I couldnt get any information about this in UDF manual. Looking forward the answer.


Allan Walsh November 5, 2008 14:42

I know that for similar variables, say C_STORAGE_R(c,t,SV_DPMS_MASS), of course c is the cell and t is the thread and MASS is the amount of mass exchanged from the dispersed phase to the condensed phase. The units are kg/s. There are similar variables for ENERGY and mass of individual species.

So these are variables, not functions.

I can't remember having used it, but I'd guess that _CONCENTRATION is just the mass fraction of the dispersed phase that has been exchanged into this cell.

For fun, you could set the C_STORAGE_R(c,t,SV_DPMS_CONCENTRATION) variable equal to some value (say 0.25) in a UDF for all of the cells in a thread and then look at the value for DPM concentration in the domain to see if has been changed to that value.

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