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Conan November 6, 2008 06:26

error: left-handedness
When I import mesh to FLUENT and check, it shows "Zone 12: 12314572 right-handed, 165 left-handed". In Gmabit, when i check the volume gird, no problem '0 out of 1 meshed volume failed mesh check for inverted elements'.

When I type command in FLUENT, "grid/modify-zones/repair-face-handedness", it says "Left-handed faces can't be converted to right-handed faces.All face nodes have the right order, but the mesh probably contains non-convex cells."

What shall I do? How to solve the error?

Thank you.

uday November 17, 2008 06:44

Re: error: left-handedness
Hi Conan what type of mesh you have. i mean to say Tetra, Hybrid. let me know ...and then we can try to solve it.

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