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Renate Stump November 6, 2008 09:16

setting boundary conditions on internal edges
Hi there,

Wondering if I could get some suggestions on my model. I have created a 2d face with three internal edges that extend vertically down from the outer edge of the face but do not reconnect with the lower edge of the face (ie there are gaps so that the flow can go through).

Whenever I try to set a boundary condition on these internal edges eg interior and then export the mesh (selecting the 2D option) I get the message WARN: Boundary entity X does not contain any valid entity and is not written.

Also, to see if the problem goes away I have graded and meshed the three internal edges. If I don't set any boundary conditions on these edges they don't appear to show up when I look at the grid in Fluent. Is there something else I should also be considering? Thanks for your help.

Cheers Renate

peterliu November 6, 2008 10:44

Re: setting boundary conditions on internal edges
I think you should mesh the three internal edges again,and make sure it was meshed successfully.

Renate Stump November 6, 2008 20:00

Re: setting boundary conditions on internal edges
Thanks. I tried what you suggested. I got rid of the mesh and then graded all the edges again before applying the overall mesh. Just to be sure, by meshing the internal edges you simply mean applying a grading scheme to them right? When I apply the mesh to my face it works.

It seems like I must be missing something because the internal edges are not part of the face I have created and that makes me wonder whether I have to do something extra for them.

peterliu November 6, 2008 22:26

Re: setting boundary conditions on internal edges
try to connect or merge the internal edges ,I think there are two double edges.I think you understand ,i am sorry ,my english is not goog.

Renate Stump November 7, 2008 11:55

Re: setting boundary conditions on internal edges
your suggestions are good. keeps me looking into doing something so thanks. tried to merge edges (virtual) but it wouldn't let me do it (ie error: the edge list given does not form a single line, edges can't be merged or used for face split).

i guess i wonder if what i have created is valid ie if i am able to have edges that are not connected as part of a face in my geometry since they don't form any enclosed shape.

connecting edges didn't work either since they are connected by the same vertex already. checked to see if i had mistakenly created multiple vertexes at the same point and needed to connect these, but found that was not a problem.

do i need to consider another way of tackling this? btw your english is fine, i'm just new to this program so wanted to make sure i wasn't missing a step or something.

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