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pipolaki November 11, 2008 12:48

[Gambit] Very simple mesh but derformed
Good evening,

I'm working on a very simplified geometry of a 2D nozzle with Gambit 2.2.30.

The mesh is as simple as possible and nevertheless, it's deformed as you can see here :

I've noticed that if I add more nodes, the deformations are more and more important. So, it's possible to avoid any deformations if there is a very few number of nodes. Of course, this solution is not acceptable.

Could you give me any advice ? Do I forget something ?

Thanks in advance for any help...

mAx November 12, 2008 01:28

Re: [Gambit] Very simple mesh but derformed
did you import your geometry? I would delete the mesh, enable the shade mode on, and check if this face is planar or not (with light reflect). Then delete the attached volume without lower geometry, and reconstruct this defect face. Also reconstruct the volume

pipolaki November 12, 2008 14:30

Re: [Gambit] Very simple mesh but derformed
Thanks for your help. To answer to your question, the geometry has been completely created with Gambit. As I've mentioned in my first message, it's a 2D geometry. All vertex of the geometry has been placed on a Oxy plane. Any other suggestion ?

gambit-is-trouble November 12, 2008 21:00

Re: [Gambit] Very simple mesh but derformed
your case looks interesting. I have never seen gambit behaving like this.

I am not sure how you created this mesh, but a very simple procedure would be.

[*]Mesh two adjacent edges first[*]select face and chose MAP as meshing scheme.[*] Apply mesh

By the way I always do what I have written above and never seen results like yours.

mAx November 13, 2008 01:28

Re: [Gambit] Very simple mesh but derformed
I already have seen mesh like that. You can try to split your face in 2 faces (split the 2 edges in their middle), or split the edges where the distorsion occures. It will perturb your effect.

pipolaki November 13, 2008 15:47

Re: [Gambit] Very simple mesh but derformed
Dear Gambit-is-trouble, your message makes me laught... Thanks for that. You're right, my case looks "interesting", like a strange disease in fact ;-) Thanks to max too. I'm going to work on your suggestions and I'll be back.

gambit-is-trouble November 13, 2008 20:42

Re: [Gambit] Very simple mesh but derformed
"Dear Gambit-is-trouble, your message makes me laught..."

I was polite with you but you have invited it.

Since you have posted here that YOU have failed to generate simple mesh on a simple geometry. There are only two possibilities here.

1. Gambit can not do it.


2. You could not do it with gambit.

Since I am visiting this site from 1999, I have never seen any one asking help for making that simple mesh. And since I have meshed the topology myself thousand times with gambit with out any problems. I assume gambit can mesh it. (feel free to prove this statement wrong).

So we come to second possiblity that you could not do it. With given the fact that you posted here for help for this simple geometry, it is very clear that you are one of the most incompetent people on this planet earth. When someone post a reply to your querry you says that his posting make you laugh, this shows that you are not only incompetent but utterly stupid too.

Best of luck with your quest.

I am done with you.

pipolaki November 14, 2008 14:31

Re: [Gambit] Very simple mesh but derformed
Oups... There is a big misunderstanding between us.

Of course, my answer was a joke and I'm really (really) sorry if you thought I was serious when I said "you make me laught". Check, there is a little smiley ;-) at the end of my sentence : it was a joke... In fact, your answer "your case looks interesting" makes me feel like a Dr House's patient !!! ( Nothing else.

You tried to help me, you gave a part of your time for that and I really (really) appreciate.

For this misunderstanding, I beg your pardon gambit-is-trouble. I don't know that to say. I feel so miserable. I sincerely hope you will read this message.

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