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Lance November 11, 2008 23:44

Flow Over Flat Plate
I have been trying to model flow over a flat plate for a number of weeks now. It seems like an easy problem, but I cannot get the lift and drag coefficients to coincide with theoretical values. I am modeling a vertical axis wind turbine blade with a chord length of 4 inches and width of 16 inches. I am running the k-e turbulence model with enhanced wall treatment. My Y+ value averages around .5 and I am running a Reynolds number of 84,000. The plate is at a 45 degree angle. Current runs produce a Cd and Cl of 1.5 when the actual value is closer to 0.9.

Is there something wrong with this setup? Also how am I to know if there are shedding vortices in the model I am running? I have run unsteady simulations but have seen no indications of shedding. Any help would be appreciated.

jacob November 13, 2008 23:20

Re: Flow Over Flat Plate
it is impossible, your screwed(this is jacob)

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