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KJ Larsen November 14, 2008 06:25

Define_DPM_Output use

First a basic question: after using Define_DPM_Output to create a .dpm file is there anything in Fluent that can then read it? I know the histogram loads other particle sample .dpms but I've only been able to delimit it into a spreadsheet.

But the more pressing problem is: I was using Define_DPM_Output.c straight out of the UDF manual (just deleted unneccessary spaces in the column headers) to obtain the particle data for steady tracking. Despite it stating that the discrete phase must be unsteadily tracked, it was fine (not sure what #Time means though). Now trying with unsteady particle tracking instead of Compute (in sample trajectory window) the button's changed to Start, and then Stop when pressed, but inbetween only the column headers are 'par_fprintf'ed into the text (.dpm) file.

I tried running the simulation so that the sample trajectory was Started at the beginning and Stopped after the particles passed the sample line but still only gave column headers.

The overall aim is to output the velocity profiles of the discrete and continous phases at the same cross section (line in 2D domain). (Discrete Phase Model, inert rigid spheres in air through straight enclosed channel). Eventually I'd like an automatic way to do this, currently I have to export a file for each phase and stick them together through excel.

Does anyone know how to use the Macro provided or a better approach to my problem?

Thank you in advance. Kris

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