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Jane November 17, 2008 02:37

monitor pressure
I have a question concerned about pressure monitoring in transient analysis. I want to monitor the pressure at a point that i have create in Point Surface.

After that i go to Solve>Monitors>Surface>check plot,print,write when time step>Define (select the created point, report Pressure at Static, report type integral)>ok

when i iterate the model, my monitor's window just show the straight line at 0 Pascal in each time step.

What should i do to get the correct pressure graph?

CDE November 17, 2008 17:18

Re: monitor pressure
A point has zero surface area so selecting integral for a point will always give you zero.

Try using average for the report type at the point.

Jane November 17, 2008 21:21

Re: monitor pressure
Thank you CDE.

I have change it to vertex average for report type,it's really work but i found the pressure graph show in monitor's window higher than total pressure that i set in inlet boundary conditions.

How to solve this problem?

CDE November 17, 2008 21:44

Re: monitor pressure
What inlet and outlet boundary conditions are you using?

Are you monitoring static pressure or total pressure?

Jane November 17, 2008 21:56

Re: monitor pressure
Reply CDE,

i use Pressure_inlet and pressure_outlet as my inlet and outlet.

i monitor static pressure.

what is your opinion about this setting?

Rogerio Fernandes Brito November 22, 2008 14:40

Re: monitor pressure
I did a temperature monitoring point, but when i openned the file of this monitoring, i found only this message:

"Convergence history of Total Temperature on point-5 (in SI units)" "Iteration" "Facet Average Total Temperature"

One question: where are the results of the temperature field in my transient simulation.

The files are in:


Rogerio Fernandes Brito November 22, 2008 20:53

Re: monitor pressure
It worked now:

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